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L'Office de Tourisme du Pays de Ste-Maure de Touraine
Les Passerelles - 77 avenue Général de Gaulle - 37800 Sainte-Maure de Touraine
Phone number. : (0033)2 47 65 66 20 / fax : (0033)2 47 34 04 28
Opening : from january till june and september till december, from monday till friday, from 9:30 am to 12 am and from 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm - july and august : everyday from 9:30 am to 12:30 am and 2 pm to 6 pm
Communauté de Communes de Sainte Maure de Touraine
Places to visit

Memory house to Maillé

On August 25th, 1944, 124 inhabitants of the municipality of Maillé are massacred by German soldiers and the village is almost entirely destroyed. Nevertheless, unlike Oradour-sur-Glane, the history of Maillé remained totally forgotten. Opened in 2006, the Memory House has for objective to immortalize the memory of this drama and to give elements of explanations to understand the context and the progress of this massacre. The permanent exhibition is also usual in the post-war years which saw Maillé to recover from these ashes counterparts that little by little the national memory forgot the tragic fate of this village.

: from Wednesday till Saturday from 10:30 am till 1 pm and
from 2 pm till 6 pm, Sunday and Monday from 2 pm till 6 pm. All year except on December 25th and January 1st.

Rates : adult: 6€, child ( +12 years old ): 3€. Free for least than 12 years. Movie : 1,50€

Memory house
rue de la Paix
37800 Maillé
Phone number : 00 33 2 47 65 24 89

E-mail :
Site :

Les Passerelles

The exhibition " Les Passerelles " emphasizes the wealth and the actors of the territory of Sainte - Maure's association of local authorities of Touraine. It reveals the treasures and emphasizes the men and their know-how. It presents their most beautiful production cheese maker, AOP Sainte-Maure de Touraine.
Country and knowledges, man and products of the earth, find themselves there to make up one thousand sensory agreements which make this crossroads of wealth shine.

Opening: from juanuary till June, and
fromù september till december, from Monday to Friday 9:30 am / 12 am - 2 pm / 5:30 pm
From July 1st on August 31st: from Monday to Saturday 9:30 am / 12:30 am -
2pm  / 6 pm

Rates: free for the individual,  2€50/pers for the groups from 15 people on reservation ( inclusive tasting)

Les Passerelles
77 avenue of the General de Gaulle
37800 Sainte-Maure de Touraine

Phone number: +33 (0)2 47 65 66 20


Near Sainte-Maure de Touraine area

Château du Clos Lucé - Parc Léonard de Vinci

Situated in the Loire valley, to Amboise, the castle of Clos Lucé - Park Léonardo da Vinci is the place which summarizes all the scientific and artistic life of Léonard de Vinci. There are no other places in the world which can approach as well its visionary spirit.
It is in the castle of Clos Lucé, in the invitation of François 1st whom Léonard de Vinci crossed on the last 3 years of his life from 1516 till 1519. The visit begins with the castle, where we enter in " the intimacy " of the place of life of Léonard de Vinci and discover an exhibition of brilliant inventions imagined by the Italian artist. The park redraws all the Léonard's passions developed by the study and the understanding of the nature; a discovery of the "Léonardien" spirit through its passions as the military engineering, the civil engineering (bridges), the medicine with the dissections, the mechanics, the architecture, the paint...
In 2016, we celebrate the anniversary of the arrival of Léonard de Vinci to the castle of Clos Lucé and several events will be proposed this year on this theme.

Opening: every day with the exception of 12/25 and 01/01
In January: 10am-6pm, in February till June: 9am-7pm, in July / August: 9am-8pm, in September / October: 9am-7pm, in November / December: 9am-6pm

Rates: adults 15€ high season, 13€ low season, children 10,5€ high season, 10€ low season, students: 11€ high season, 10€ low season. (Low season from 11/16 till 02/28 of 2017. 

Château du Clos Lucé
2 rue du Clos Lucé 37400 Amboise
Phone number: +33(0)2 47 57 55 78

The Troglodytic Valley of Goupillières to Azay-le-Rideau

In the shade of the castles of the Loire, find the life of the farmers who lived from the Middle Ages in these troglodytic farms. In the middle of an exceptional natural frame, the site makes you find the authenticity of the peasant life and the wealth of the rural heritage of Touraine. Troglodytic farms, underground passage
refuge of the Middle Ages, animals of the farm.

Opening: 02/07 to 04/03 : every day from 2 pm till 5:30 pm ; 04/04 to 09/30 : every day from 10 am till 7 pm ; 10/01 to 11/02 : every day from 11 am till 5.30 pm.

Rates: adults: 6,50€, children (5 - 17 years): 5€.

Troglodytic valley of Goupillières

37190 Azay-le-Rideau
Phone number: 00 33 2 47 96 60 84 / 00 33 2 47 45 46 89


Maurice Dufresne museum to Azay le Rideau

The Maurice Dufresne museum is established in the magnificent park of a former mill on the edges of the Indre, in Azay-le-Rideau, the restored mechanisms of which are always in service. The treasure of the museum lives more still in its spectacular collection: old vehicles, unusual objects, vintage posters, collection of weapons, historic parts, etc. make live to the visitors a surprising journey in the past of these last hundred and fifty years. The oldest specimens of the collection going back up at the beginning of the XXth century. These collector's items were protected thanks to the passion of a salvage dealer and an exceptional collector, who, for sixty years of his life, so established a real mechanical and historic heritage. On the road of the castles of the Loire, the Maurice Dufresne museum became an inescapable and original stage for all the ages, as well families, nostalgic, as collectors.

: every day from 10 am till 6 pm (from March till April and from October till November 11th), from 9:30 am till 7 pm (from May till September)

Rates: 10€ / adult, 5€ (child from 6 to 15 years old). Free (child - of 6 years). Group: 7€ / pers (from 20 persons). Commented visit: 40€ (price for group).

Maurice Dufresne museum

"le Moulin de Marnay "
17 route de Marnay
37190 Azay-le-Rideau
Phone number: 02 47 45 36 18, fax: 02 47 45 28 62

Château de l'islette, Azay le Rideau

The Renaissance castle, enclosed by the arms of the Indre, calls back the one of Azay-le-Rideau, its neighbor. Two brothers as it is often said...
L' Islette, among which Camille Claudel and Rodin were several time the hosts, sheltering their passionate loves there, is an invitation to be allowed take by the charm so romantic of the Valley of the Indre.
Novelty: visit of the chapel and its painted decorations.

Loan of princess and knights costumes to the children. Playground, loan of books for a moment of relaxation around the mill or in border of river.

Rent of boats for a walk on the Indre.

Possible picnic inside the property at the water's edge.

Shop - refreshment room.

Opening: May 1st on September 30th: every day from 10 am till 7 pm (last entrance at 6 pm)

Rates : adults: 8,50€, reduced: 5€ (for 8/18 years old and less than 25-year-old students on presentation of their card, free less than 8 years. Groups (15 pers minimum): 7€

Castle of Islette 37190 Azay-le-Rideau

Phone number: +33 (0)2 47 45 40 10

Castle and gardens of Rivau to Lémeré

Visited by Joan of Arc and quoted by rabelais, discover the magic and fantastic universe of the Castle of Rivau : an exceptional medieval castle restored with refinement. Gothic furnish, revival and works of art have a dialogue with the collections of contemporary art. The castle visits in music. Broadcasting projections invite to relive the rich equestrian past in the Royal "Stables classified as Historic Monument". Around the castle, 14 classified gardens " Remarkable Garden " and academy of perfumed roses complete the breakaway in the supernatural. Possible dressed up visits. To visit in family, between friends or between enthusiasts of plants.
Rent of tape guides in F-GB-D-I-E-NL-CH. Restoring the Table of the fairies opened at lunch time.

Opening: in April: 10 am-6 pm, from 05/01 till 09/30: 10 am-7 pm, from 10/01 till 11/02: 10 am-6 pm. Restoring the Table of the fairies: 12 am / 2:30 pm from April till September + Halloween holidays

Rates: adult: 10€, child from 5 to 18 years old: 7€, student: 8,50€. Failed family (2 adults + 2 children): 30€. Adult handicapped person: 7€, handicaped child: 5€.

Castle and gardens of Rivau
37120 Lémeré

Phone number:(0033)2 47 95 77 47, fax:(0033)2 47 95 78

E-mail :
Site :

Abbaye de Bois Aubry, Luzé

The guided tour and fervently commented of the site is assured by its owner who will allow you to discover his treasures: outside fence and fountain, romantic convent, abatiale in Latin cross, bell tower, ledges in modillons, royal rood screen, chapter room with Roman column, hostelry of lay, room bent in "echo", fortifications, grave of Yul Brynner.

Opening: opened in guided tour 04/10 in 05/20 and of 06/15 in 09/15, opened on visit not guided every day during the period of 04/10 in 05/20 and of 06/15 in 09/15 from 10 am till 12 am and from 2 pm till 6 pm fix Tuesdays and Sundays at 3 pm, opened all year long in guided tour on reservation (for the groups)

Rates guided tours: adult 10€, child ( 5 - 16 years) 5€, groups, handicapped person, student: 8€
Rates not guided visits: adult 8€, child ( 5 - 16 years) 5€, groups, handicapped person, student: 8€

Royal abbey St Michel Aubry

Mister Gribomont Marc Olivier 37120 Luzé
Phone number: 02 47 58 37 11

Black falcon fortress, Montbazon

The fortress of the Black Hawk, the fief of the terrible count of Anjou, Foulque III Nerra, dominates the valley of the Indre and the city of Montbazon, down from its rocky spur.
It represents one of our older military constructions. Sheltering the oldest still standing donjon of France, its history extends of the end of the Xth century until the XVth.
We can, all summer long, discover the jobs by the Middle Ages nested in their workshops, which propose workshops rich in teaching and colourful, for everyone. Knight, the sword in the hand and activating machines of war, liven up the visits, punctuating them with crunchy anecdotes. He leads the visitors down from ramparts up to the bottom of underground passages... The greediest visitors, can feast on miscellaneous "fouées" without moderation !
Fridays and Saturdays evenings, in the dark night, the fortress sieves its lights. We can cross there the characters who had wrote the history.  

Livened up banquets followed by the night-visit (costumes lent on request) in the evenings of  july 13th
and August 15th/16th. 

Opening and rates 2016:
Middle Ages jobs with workshops and livened up visit:
Open the week-end of april, may, june and september.
July and august : every day
from 10 am-7 pm, night visits in july and august on thursday and friday 

Adult: 10,50€, cubbyhole / group: 8,50€, child (5-12years: 6.50€, free - 5 years.

Night-visits: thursdays and fridays of July and August from 7 pm
Adult: 12€, cubbyhole / group: 9,50€, child ( 5 - 12 years): 7.50€, free - 5 years.

Fortress of the Black hawk
rue du Château 37250 Montbazon
Phone number : 00 33 2 47 34 34 10
E-mail :
Site :
http //

Chateau des Ormes

The Castle of Ormes from 17th and 18th century, belonged to a big aristocratic family of the time of the lights, the family of Argenson. The castle by its architecture and its preservation will transport you in an another period. You will discover a kitchen garden to 5 homes, an icebox of time, style pieces of furniture, a speedboat, a farm with columns...

Opening: all the year - from 2pm till 6pm - except on tuesdays.

Rates: 10€/person - Free for children less than 7 years old. 

Castle of Ormes
22-28 street Pierre d' Argenson
86220 Les Ormes
Phone number : 00 33 1 42 27 55 61 or 00 33 6 71 65 07 21, fax: 00 33 1 46 22 87 45

Castle of the sleeping beauty, Rigny Ussé

At the edge of the dark and mystrious forest of Chinon, the majestic white outline of Ussé, the castle of Sleeping Beauty stands impressively over the Indre Valley. It inspired Perrault to write his famous stories and it remains a symbol of the medieval fairytale castle inhabited by brave lords, beautiful ladies and poets. It was mainly built in the 15th and 16th centuries on the foundations of an 11th century fortress, but its successive owners, each with personal touch, brought to it a unique charm.
Every season, a collection of period costume will be presented to you

Opening : 02/12 in 03/31 : 10 am / 6 pm - 04/01 in 08/31 : 10 am / 7 pm  - 09/01 in 11/11: 10 am / 6 pm
Last ticket delivered 1 hour before the closure

Rates : adult: 14€, child ( 8 - 16 years) : 4€, group (from 20 persons) : 8€

Castle of Ussé
37240 Rigny Ussé

Phone number : +33 02 47 95 54 05 - Fax : +33 02 47 95 43 58
E-mail :

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